A Guide to Office 365 Data Protection
with Metallic SaaS

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Increasing use of Microsoft Office 365 means an increase in data – but have you thought about how that data is protected? In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn why third-party data protection is critical, and how MetallicTM SaaS safeguards your company’s Office 365 data against accidental deletion, corruption, and attack. 

David Ngo, VP, Head of Product and Engineering at Metallic introduces the features of Metallic Office 365 Backup and Recovery, provides a demo and answers any questions you may have about establishing solid backup and recovery plan for Office 365.

Watch this webinar recording for the answers to important questions like:

  • Why does Microsoft recommend third party data protection? Learn about Microsoft’s shared responsibility model, and how Metallic helps you meet your compliance requirements that native tools don't support.
  • What are critical capabilities for third-party Office 365 backup? You need protection for more than just mailboxes, and if you lose data – you need it back fast. We will address both breadth of coverage, as well as the enterprise-grade security, scale and granular recovery that Metallic delivers, based on industry-leading Commvault technology.
  • How does SaaS deliver value? Learn how the Metallic SaaS model for Office 365 data protection means ease, agility, and all-inclusive TCO.