Metallic SaaS Tech Demo: Cloud Data Protection for your Hybrid World

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Companies are prioritizing the move to SaaS solutions – why should your backup & recovery strategy be any different? With Metallic, companies can get enterprise-grade data protection for VMs, File Server and SQL Server data in a simple solution, delivered from the cloud. See firsthand how Metallic safeguards your company's data against accidental deletion, corruption, and attack.

In this recorded webinar Michael Przybos, Sales Engineer at Metallic, takes a deeper dive into data protection best practices with Metallic SaaS, provides a demo and answers any questions you may have about how a SaaS solution is a solid backup and recovery plan, no matter where the data lives. 

Watch this webinar recording to learn more:

  • How can you optimize your storage strategy with a SaaS Plus approach? Learn how SaaS Plus puts you in control of your data, using Metallic's unique ability to leverage storage on-prem or in the cloud.
  • How can SaaS Data Protection help to keep your data safe and mitigate threat of attack? Learn how to leverage baked-in best practices by taking advantage of preconfigured and recommended plans, along with industry-leading optimizations, to safeguard your data.
  • How do you protect on-premises VMs, SQL servers, files, and folders with SaaS data protection? Learn how the Metallic SaaS model can protect on-prem workloads as well as cloud data, with a simple, comprehensive solution.