Metallic Monday Anniversary Edition - BaaS Done Right

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Time flies when you’re having fun. And for us at Metallic, nothing is more fun than delivering the industry’s leading backup up and recovery, to keep your data safe and sound.

Just one year in and Metallic has snagged a number of industry awards - being labeled by Best of VMworld 2020 Awards expert judges as 'cloud-based backup done right for a change.'

See why Metallic SaaS data protection is turning heads, but more importantly, how it can comprehensively protect your data in today’s challenging times.

Watch this recorded webinar, and:

  • Learn how Metallic safeguards SaaS, on-prem and hybrid workloads from deletion, corruption, and attack
  • Discover the benefits and innovations of award-winning data protection
  • See a demo of Metallic Backup & Recovery solutions