Simplify data protection for Kubernetes
Metallic BaaS Overview and Tech Demo

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With the acceleration of Kubernetes adoption and stateful enterprise applications moving into containers, businesses need a smart strategy to protect Kubernetes across their hybrid cloud environment.

Container-based workloads are becoming the new way to build and deploy applications and services in the enterprise. Despite the many advantages or containers for application development, data and infrastructure challenges persist around protecting and migrating workloads. High availability alone is not enough, and there is a critical need for backing up the Kubernetes application and its associated data, images, and cluster control plane.

Watch this recorded webinar for a more in-depth look into Metallic™ VM & Kubernetes Backup, and learn about container protection with:

  • Developer workflow integration
  • Protection of applications by namespace and labels
  • Granular backup and recovery of YAML manifests for entire volumes
  • Flexibility and coverage for all CNCF-certified K8s distributions
  • Plus the benefits of SaaS-delivered protection